Pain is a widespread health issue affecting millions of Australians every day and is prevalent among the older population. Through Kinesiology I’ve been privileged to help many clients who present with pain by using gentle corrections that balance the body’s physical structure and relieve pain.

Types of pain include: 

  • Muscular Pain: When muscular pain is more recent clients feel results very quickly. Older chronic pain can take longer to resolve. When a muscle is strained other muscles around it start to help out and then they start to hurt from overuse. These layers have to be freed up to reveal the original injury
  • Joint Pain: Knees shoulders hips ankles and wrists can cause a lot of pain. This is often a muscular, ligament or tendon problem.
  • Internal Pain: Can be a discomfort from overeating, reflux or constipation. Menstrual, abdominal pain or bloating