Through gentle muscle testing, Kinesiology is able to locate the hidden areas where you may be holding your stress; and release the stress so that your life can flow and maintain balance.

The stress response may be triggered by:

  • Social Stressors (life events, personal conflicts)
  • Physiological Stressors (pain, intense heat or cold)
  • Emotional Stressors ( sorrow, fear, anxiety grief)
  • Chemical Stressors (blood acid-base imbalance, low oxygen supply)

During periods of stress hormones are released. These hormones trigger physiological “fight-or- flight” mechanisms, which include increases in heart rate, respiration rate, fat and carbohydrate breakdown, and blood pressure. When the threat is over, there is a return to calm.

Whilst some stress can be useful, it is not helpful for your body to be in a continual state of stress.

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