It has been my privilege to work with many wonderful people who’ve wanted to bring positive change into their lives. I’ve witnessed first-hand their emotional and physical healing journey as they transitioned into a more balanced and positive life.

I am humbled by and grateful to those clients who have agreed to share their beautiful experiences

With sincere thanks
Colette Oram

Patricia – Self Employed

“When I first saw Colette I was feeling very low and lacking in self esteem and direction. I guess if I had seen a doctor they would have recommended anti depressants; not something that generally works with my beliefs and lifestyle. My drive and enthusiasm for life had diminished somewhat, to say the least, and I felt dispersed in my life, just a bit all over the place generally. Now I can’t tell you exactly why this stuff works but I can tell you that Colette has helped me get my ‘mojo’ back. Having had three consultations with Colette I feel that I am getting back on track and feeling happier within.”

Henrietta Brice-Smith -Yoga Teacher

“I recently decided to give Kinesiology a go, not really knowing what to expect, so I went with an open mind. Colette is a very knowledgeable kinesiologist. She is very thorough and totally dedicated to her work. She has a natural gift of insight and is caring and compassionate. The sessions I’ve had have honestly made a big difference in my life.”

C.L. – Recently Retired Director

“A friend recommended Colette to me after I had dissolved into tears over a relationship problem I was having within my family.  I was also going through a huge change in my life after leaving a very busy Directorship and taking retirement.  I was not sure what was going to happen and I surprised myself with the things I felt and said. I only needed to see Colette three times and I cannot believe the positive changes within me as a result of our sessions.   My whole energy has shifted and things I have wanted to achieve have become possible.

Because of my new approach, I am enjoying retirement and the freedom and opportunities it brings.  The problem within my family is still uneasy but I am far more able to manage how I feel and respond to it.

Colette is very patient, caring and above all professional.  I am delighted that I took the step to explore Kinesiology through Colette”

Victoria Goddard – Student

“Sessions with Colette have helped me to achieve physical, practical and emotional improvements in my life. She is deeply committed to her clients’ wellbeing.  These have been my first experiences of Kinesiology and I have found the process to be empowering and profoundly healing in sometimes surprising ways. ​”

Angela – PA

“I went to see Colette because I was feeling out of sorts.  Among other things during my first session with Colette I mentioned I’d had a sore neck for years, probably from sitting for hours at a computer. My session included some gentle muscle corrections for my posture called Touch for Health and then a lovely relaxation.   My neck is so much freer now and I feel generally well and balanced physically and mentally. Seeing Colette was my first experience of Kinesiology and I continued to see her over the course of a couple of years until she left our lovely island of Jersey to return home to Australia. Our loss is your gain Australia. ​”

Dave -Tradesman

“I cannot praise Colette enough for the work she has done with me over this last year and how much my life has changed for the better. When I first met Colette I had reached an all time low in my life and couldn’t see a way forward. I was grieving the loss of a loved one and felt physically and mentally exhausted. Since seeing Colette my self-confidence and fitness have increased and I no longer suffer from lower back pain. Colette’s ability professionalism and deep sense of compassion care and enthusiasm shine through. With her help life feels good again.​”

Joy – Homemaker

“Kinesiology was not something I had ever considered until a friend suggested I see Colette. I had been suffering from insomnia for years. Whilst I had seen many doctors and taken various medications my symptoms persisted. On my first visit Colette helped me to feel relaxed so much so that during that first session I fell asleep! I no longer suffer with insomnia and feel much better than I have for years. I recommend Colette wholeheartedly as a knowledgeable professional who has a deep sense of commitment to helping clients. I found my sessions to be deeply meaningful and also incredibly relaxing, a haven in this busy world of ours.”

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